Ariana Grande & Jimmy Fallon Funny Lip Sync Convo featuring Bieber, Fifth Harmony

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Ariana Grande paid a visit to Jimmy Fallon last night on The Tonight Show and it was filled with lip-synching conversations, winking dogs, and even her sassy Nonna.

We all know Jimmy Fallon is known to play some pretty fun games on his show, so of course when Ariana came on the show, he had to up the anti.
The duo shot a hilarious skit in Ariana’s dressing room having an ENTIRE conversation lip-synching to some of our favorite songs. They even shared a few throwback Thursday Insta pics with each other, take a look.
Then the pair wished they could “turn back time,” buuuut both of them used different “Work” songs, you know the Rihanna one and Fifth Harmony’s, which seemed to cause a little bit of an argument.
The whole thing was hilarious. Especially when Jimmy told Ari his weekend plans included going to Home Depot and “swinging from a chandelier.” But the real star of the night was Ari’s grandmother who was sitting out in the audience during the interview. After mentioning that Jimmy was the only man who she would stay up past 11:30 for, Ari shared a bit of information that might have made Jimmy blush.
How adorable, right? And of course I have to mention that Ari introduced Jimmy to her dog, Toulous. Not only did they touch on the fact that her dog was once a model, but there’s also another special skill that Toulous is famous for….besides being Ari’s dog anyways.
But now it’s YOUR turn! I want to know what you guys think about Ariana and Jimmy’s lip sync convo. And how cute is Ari’s dog? Let me know in the comment section below and send me some love @RudeUnicorns on Twitter and Instagram. Then click right over here to check out the most awkward throwback celeb prom pictures and be sure to subscribe. Thanks for hanging out with me today, I’m your host Sarah Whittle. See ya next time!

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