Rammstein links 2 3 4 funny video

“Links 2-3-4” (German for Left 2-3-4) is a song by the Neue Deutsche Härte band Rammstein, released on their third studio album, Mutter.Rammstein links 2-3-4 live video official funny version:Links Zwo Drei Vier.Rammstein funny moments links 2-3-4 live hd video.
Links Zwo Links Zwo Links Zwo Drei Vier Links
Links Zwo Links Zwo Links Zwo Drei Vier Links
Links lyrics Rammstein.The lyrics were written in response to allegations of fascism/nazism directed at the band. In the song they say “my heart beats to the left, 2-3-4”, insinuating they are on the left of the political spectrum.[citation needed] The refrain is an allusion to the revolutionary song Einheitsfrontlied, written by Bertolt Brecht for the Communist Party of Germany in the 1930s and re-popularized by Hannes Wader in the German Democratic Republic.The song uses an alternate pronunciation of the German two, using zwo (pronounced tsvo) rather than zwei (tsvy). “Zwo” is more commonly used within the German military, or in the Austrian dialect, and this song presents a strong, militaristic theme, ‘left – two – three – four’ being a common drill instructor’s chant to keep a marching formation in step.Deutsche Soldaten und die Offizieren Rammstein remix.
Wenn die Soldaten
Durch die Stadt marschieren,
Öffnen die Mädchen
Die Fenster und die Türen.

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