How To Make People Think You’re Dumb In School: Episode 2

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This video is episode 2 of the Lidallie How-To Series. The first episode is “How To Be A Bad Babysitter”. Here’s the link if you want to check it out:…

HUGE DISCLAIMER: This video’s intention is not to make you drop out of school, STAY IN SCHOOL! This video is not meant to insult anyone, it’s just meant to be funny and nothing I said in this video are facts (at least, I hope not). Everyone can be smart in their own way or an expert at something, so don’t take this video to heart. Laugh!

Now that I got that out of the way, if you’ve read this far I have a huge surprise for you! I will be having another giveaway(this time in the U.S) if this video reaches 3,091 views or I reach 2,234 subscribers! (The numbers are random). Let’s get this video to this many views or better yet, 100,000 views like “How To Be A Bad Babysitter Episode 1”. If you read this far, comment “Lidallie jumped 4 grades?!?”

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What equipment do you use?
Canon eos rebel t5 and a tripod……
How old are you?
What do you use to edit?

Thank you for letting me use your music!
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This video was inspired by some of my favorite youtubers : SuperWoman, RCLbeauty101, MyLifeAsEva, Bethany Mota, KrazyRayRay,, Aspyn Ovard, Lele Pons

Video Script:
Hi guys! Today I will be teaching you How To Act Dumb In School.
Now you might be wondering…Why the hell would someone want to do that?
Well that’s what I’m here to t

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