Funny Humor – Vines Compilation November/2016

I don’t know what so say lmao Brisk God
I WILL NEVER NOT LAUGH AT THIS Kim Kardashian, KhloMoney, Kylizzle, Kenny Jenner
when a pet owner acts like their dog isn’t a wild beast
I was in a band james, gtfo
Me james, gtfo
Me rn Fabian the gr8
based hamdi
This oddly fits mason chill out!
okay jack
If Steve Harvey hosted the Oscars hi im josh
hi im josh
I’m dead hi im josh
stop jake
you a ho!!! Kenny Knox, DISNEY MASTER
Ohmygod okay jack
tag friends!
Me when this song comes on
Elmo Always on Beat
Don’t call Woody a dumbass
well this generation’s screwed….
That friend who’s dramatic about everything… Nicholas Megalis, DISNEY MASTER
Tommy at field trips HARDSTOP LUCAS, Dope Island, DISNEY MASTER
I’m DEAD Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
I despise people that say this… meechonmars, DISNEY MASTER
What goes on in guys heads
When you try singing along with your friends Rejected Cartoons
SpongeBob sings The Hills
When your dad is still a Frat Boy Rejected Cartoons
people who give out too much information are the worst… DISNEY MASTER
why is your cat at school today? PerfectLaughs, DISNEY MASTER
Shut Up
When your parents wake you up for school by Rejected Cartoons
I know you’re really mad…. Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
What is going on inside their head…
bad pickup lines can ruin a moment… Danny Gonzalez, DISNEY MASTER
Kids on Halloween be like by Brandon Calvillo
When you catch someone trying to steal your swag – by Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic & Disney Master
Tag your Squad Below
When you get the courage to ask out bae & she rips your heart out – Rejected Cartoons – See the extended version on our IG:FunnyLipReadings
When your parents are calling you from the other room and don’t hear you reply
Kermit The Problem – Voiceover by Johnathan LoPriore
Hi B*tch – Voiceover by Johnathan LoPriore
Ratchet God Mother Of Cinderella Voiceover by Jeremy Scott
“I smoked it” Voiceover by Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
Deleted Scene from Frozen (Elsa gets called out) Voiceover by Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
“Don’t ever comment on a Ratchet Girl’s Weave ” Voiceover by Prince Ohakam III
How to lay it on them Barbie Chicks – Voiceover by Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
She’s a hater! Voiceover by Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
Woody check this out… Voiceover by Die Rude – Voiceover Fanatic
“The Real Reason Jane fell in love with Tarzan ” Voiceover by Prince Ohakam III
Mind your own Business Woody! VoiceOver by Jeremy Scott
When you run into the person you hooked up with durning Spring Break – VoiceOver Cred: Chris Hopper
Tarzan & Jane’s Real Conversation VoiceOver Cred: Jeremy Scott
Sh*t Bright Like a Diamond – Voiceover by nitatogorgeous
Substitute Teacher Pt. 2
Charlie bit my finger!
Guess What Day it is?? Whisper Song
Lebron James Pops a Molly
This is how I sound when I’m cheering on my favorite team
That moment you’re home alone and you hear a noise in the house.
The Grateful Squirrel
Beat boxing Squirrel

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