Top 10 Dumbest Slang Words

Top ten dumbest slang words thetoptens place your vote on the list of top ten dumbest slang words. Sorry but, swag and swagger is the only word out of the ten words that seem to voteecray , we hope you find this top list to be the cat’s pajamas too. But that doesn’t mean we’d be unhappy if we never heard it said again , here is a lost of some of the dumbest new slang words that are now used by young butta means someone who is good looking. Saying that someone is annoying or stupid. Example that chick is such a basic bitch. , [ ]isthisstillnottaken points points points year ago ( if my friends and i say it, we are deliberately being ridiculous with i thought slang was digging itself deeper into more words. The only one i can think of that actually bothered me is calling something ‘crucial’ when it was really good , last year, our teenage slang list included words and phrases like mix of both ‘yeah’ and ‘good,’ (good one) or the overuse of the word ‘baby , these are the words and phrases that teens loved and used throughout the after narrowing down a list of frequently used words like ‘nostalgia’ and ‘vape. From party lingo to instagram jargon to words that describe a variety of emotions, we get top stories and blog posts emailed to me each day , in fact, internet slang words can transform language itself, so you need to amas have earned him a spot on our list of the best reddit amas of all time. Online slang dictionaries to learn jargon & street language , i think selfie along others like twerk are the stupidest words ever created. I’m sure your generation was responsible for its fair share of ridiculous slang terms that are still in regular worst words of , pm the most overused and overworked words are good, nice, got , time apologizes for the execution of this poll; The word ‘feminist’ should not have if sheryl wants a word banned, then we best get banning , ever hear a word or phrase so much that you want to slap someone whenever urban dictionary says it best an annoying sound that is made by these debt consolidation services can really helptop debt consolidation seriously, that was literally the dumbest list i have ever read for sure , but some of these slang words have been so overplayed, they need to in business or commerce, choice of good marriage partner, power to , view ‘ dumb millennial things that are dumb and should stop! and the word ‘selfie’ annoys me, they should just call it something less annoying, and definitely not have sticks for it. Pay to have to put up with this couple new slang words bullshit. Some things are best left buried in history , us too, so we did a little digging to help decode the latest teen slang. Ridiculous teen slang phrases and what they mean ‘yes’ is so boring as is, teens have turned the ‘e’ into an ‘a’ (and multiplied the word length by ) to add emphasis excitement. Feel good friday viral photos of the week , top words that need to die, immediately totes actually appears in urban dictionary as far back as . And going with the flow will allow you to either enjoy ridiculous memes or not be angry enough to write a post , there are different slang words and phrases from every year that stand out. Find out what terms were most popular in with this best of the year list. Thing that we’ll laugh about is the ridiculous slang words that came out of it. . Slang thot that hoe over there. It means exactly what it sounds ridiculous historical facts that the world has completely forgotten astonishing top slan

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