10 Dumb People Who Made Horrible Life Decisions

Top 10 of the dumbest choices people you won’t believe actually made
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Human civilization likes to pride itself on its achievements and how far it has progressed over the past centuries. It is true that we’ve come a long way from the time of hunter gatherers as our knowledge and capabilities have grown steadily. Great scientists have made discoveries to cure diseases and extend our lifespans. Engineers have developed new ways to build things better – whether they be buildings, cars or airplanes. Education and diet have also improved and aided us to live better lifestyles than our ancestors did generations ago. Of course, just because a handful of people have made some pretty big discoveries and made decisions which have benefited us doesn’t mean we’re all so smart and on the ball.
For every smart person out there it seems like there are more than a few duds. You know, people who make really poor decisions that make the rest of us cringe. Yes, it’s these people who make idiotic decisions in their lives that really do help to balance out the gene pool. These following examples are some of the most standout examples when it comes to idiotic decision making. While a few are funny, they are all examples of how Darwin is working overtime to weed out the idiots in our society. Whether driven by impatience, anger, frustration or just plain stupidity, these following 10 individuals might make you wonder how we’ve managed to come this far as a civilization.

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