Pacman vs funny Mario

PACMAN vs FUNNY MARIO this is a new free game mario with the well-known super Mario funny vs Pacman (Pac-man). Funny video with Pacman and Super Mario. Very funny and cool free games! You can play as super mario Mario or pacman. Soon will be available for download!!!
Who is faster, quicker and smarter? FUNNY Mario accidentally falls into the basement to pacman. The pacman is not happy to see him. It’s not pacman and the ghostly adventures or pacman dancer! This good old 8 bit pakman. Will super mario Mario without his brother Luigi escape from the pac man? It’s not a mario party! It’s not a mario kart! The video was made using mario maker! Funny mario bros maker this awesome program!
Mario pacman funny – это веселая и увлекательная игра с Марио и Пакманом в главной роли. Вы можете играть за Марио или Пакмана. Скоро будет доступна ссылка для скачивания!
Mario Bros. are copyright of Nintendo
Pacman are copyright of Namco
Funny mario (games mario, mario bros, super mario bros, free game mario, funny, humor, parody and mario funny bloopers)

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