FUNNY VIDEO Bush man Prank Compilation Bushman Scare prank 2016 #331 | Eugene Oregon | Ryan Lewis

FUNNY VIDEO! Bushman Prank Compilation | Funny Bush man Scare prank 2016 Bush Man Scare Prank This is a great Funny video! Classic Funny Prank!
We dress up in a Ghillie suit and scare the crap out of people walking by. This funny prank will get you laughing right away. Specially when the Bushman jumps out and makes everyone scream like little children! If you had a bad day make sure you watch all the others. It surely will change your mood for the better watching this Classic prank!
Tell me what you think about this funny video. Let me know if you like the new features or not on this funny video. I’m always looking to improve the funny videos and your input helps me doing so. We filmed this funny Bushman Scare Prank in Eugene oregon near the Eugene craft fair . I’ve found this spot by the Eugene farmers market to be a great one. Next weeks episode will be the remaining footage of our days of filming here. I will either try to put out a Las Vegas bush man video that has new footage and no sound issues, or I will find a new location around the Eugene Oregon Craft fair and Farmers market Funny Bushman Scare Prank in Las Vegas
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