10 Rules for Stupid Criminals by 20 dumbest criminals caught on camera

20 hilarious and funny clips of the most stupid and dumbest criminals caught on camera. These criminals show what not to do 10 Commandments for Stupid Criminals by 20 dummest criminals caught on camera.

1. Thou shall watch out for grandma with the handbag – A gang of robbers being chased away by a grandma with a bag

2. Thou shall PULL the door open – two stupid bank robber trying to push the door open when a simple pull was enough

3. Thou shall not stick your head – A robber trying to jump through the counter when the security shutters pull up, pinning the guy down.

4. Thou shall watch out fro broomstick – Two crooks being chased away by a shopowner with a broomstick

5. Thou shall bring a good escape vehicle – Two criminals trying to getaway on a moped, they are chased down by running security gaurds.

6. Thou shall not under-estimate the guy on wheelchair – A robber looks at a guy on wheelchair and then decides to rob the place. He is soon pulled down by the ex-army guy on wheel chair.

7. Thou shall not run into a police car – A stupid criminal trying to run away from the cops tries to jump over a stationary police car and falls.

8. Thou shall not sett fire to yourself – Two dumb arsonals trying to set fire to a shop, ends up setting one of the guys on fire. The criminal escapes and then runs into a post, gets up again and makes a run.

Similarly a arsonist tries to set fire to a car, after few tries goes to the middle with the can of gasoline and lights the match. Sets fire to her hands and runs for it.

9. Though shall not set your getaway vehicle on fire – A motorcyclist sets motorbike on fire trying to set a shop on fire

A arsonist on fire gets into a getaway escape vehicle, setting the car on fire.

10 .Thou shall not steal if you cannot outrun – A russian crook tries to steal a camera from tourist in moscow but is chased down and caught

A thief stealing a bag from a car is chased down by a dog and caught

A robber trying to rob a shop is chased down and caught

Finally… a stupid criminal goes to rob a shop but forgets his mask, he uses a fish bucket to cover his face from the camera.

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