Extremely Stupid Things People Do Without Thinking

12 Extremely Stupid Things Indians Do Without Thinking

Indians have some of the brightest minds in the world. But unfortunately, Indians are also victims of the sheep syndrome. They generally follow trends and do what everyone is doing without even understanding why they’re doing it.

1. Doing MBA After Engineering and then pursuing a totally random career. Like an ice-cream flavour taster.

2. Throwing garbage on top of a large garbage pile.

3. Getting married at the “right” age.

4. Pressing both buttons for the elevator.

5. Doing just what the neighbour does.

6. Talking with a fake accent in front of foreigners.

7. Shopping from only international brands because they’re ‘cool’

8. Following internet trends without knowing what they are for.

9. Avoiding non-veg on particular days.

10. Changing Facebook DPs and Whatsapp statuses.

11. Breaking the signal just because one driver/biker did it

12. Selfie at Worng Place

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